2014 - present

Unannounced Title - assistant art direction @ WB Games Montreal

Unannounced Title - concept design @ WB Games Montreal

2012 - 2014

Batman - Arkham Origins - concept art, some matte paintings and
vfx compositing for ingame cinematics @ WB Games Montreal


Starwars 1313 (game illustration) - precomp, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Starcraft: Hearth of the Swarm (collectors edition box cover) - concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts
The Elder Scrolls Online (game illustrations) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard (game illustration) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Dishonored (game illustrations) - compositing, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Farcry 3 (game illustrations) - compositing, mattepainting / 2d touch ups @ Meduzarts
Redbull Crashed Ice (illustration for advertisment) - matte painting / photo integration @ Meduzarts
The Grey - matte painting / 3d vegetation @ Digital Dimension


Diablo III (collectors edition box cover) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Rift: Planes of Telara (game illustrations, game logo) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (game and website illustrations) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (ingame cinematic matte / dockyards 3d skydome) - CyGen, 3D, matte painting @ Meduzarts / Eidos


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (game illustrations) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Fallout: New Vegas (game illustrations) - matte painting @ Meduzarts


Avatar: The Game (game illustrations) - CyGen, background 3D, matte painting @ Meduzarts
AION: Tower of Eternity (game illustrations) - shading, lighting, texturing, concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Rogue Warrior (intro / logo animation, game illustrations) - vfx compositing, digital painting @ Meduzarts
Transformers 2 (game cinematic, IMDB) - CyGen, 3D, concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Assassins Creed 2 (teaser) - vfx compositing @ Meduzarts


Red Bull - Crashed Ice (commercial) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Edge of Twilight (game trailer) - matte painting @ Meduzarts
Fallout III (game illustrations) - CyGen, 3D, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Coke - James Bond: Quantum of Solace (commercial) - concept art, 3D,texturing, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Red Bull - soap box racing (commercial) - texturing, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Plop (european film, IMDB) - concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Beverly Hills Chihuahua - (feature film trailer, IMDB) - 3D, matte painting @ Meduzarts


August (feature film, IMDB) - 3D, matte painting @ I-NetGraFX
Subaru WRX (car commercial, www.subaru.com) - concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Race to Mars (mini tv series, IMDB) - matte painting @ Meduzarts


Sony BMG not yet released (music) - 3D, matte painting @ I-NetGraFX
Ice Corp (tv production, IMDB) - 3D, matte painting @ Meduzarts
Sony BMG / Epic Records - SA-RA (music, www.sa-ra.net) - 2D, 3D @ I-NetGraFX
300 (feature film, IMDB) - concept art, matte painting @ Meduzarts


Sony BMG - Don Omar (music, www.donomar.net) - matte painting @ I-NetGraFX
Nightwatch II (feature film, IMDB) - concept art @ I-NetGraFX
Dubai (architectural visualisation, www.cityofarabia.ae) - concept art, matte painting, compositing @ I-NetGraFX
Völkl - F.I.R.E. (product visualisation, www.voelkl.com) - concept art, 3D, compositing @ I-NetGraFX

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Following list represents some of the work I have done so far as digital artist at Meduzarts (www.meduzarts.com), Digital Dimension (www.digitaldimension.com)  and as freelancer (www.inetgrafx.com). Since August 2012 I'm fulltime employed as Senior Concept Artist at Warner Bros. Games Montreal (www.wbgamesmontreal.com).

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Some of my credits are listed on my IMDB Profile.

Also feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn as it is a great way to stay in touch ...